Paperless Lab Academy 2017 confirmed as best lab automation European Congress

PLA2017 5 years logoAt NL42  we are extremely pleased with the results and feedback received after the recent acquisition of the event’s organization ( Press Release)

The event is dedicated to companies needing to adopt a paperless approach in their scientific data management throughout the product life cycle. We decided to focus this year’s edition on the Internet of Lab things (IoLT) with the title “2020 Roadmap for Digital Convergence – transforming scientific information into actionable insight“.

The event consists of a balanced mix of plenary and workshop sessions.  The sponsors benefit an interactive workshop where they showcase the latest trends in methodology, systems and tools. Attracted by the chance to get to know the key players and the new comers, our visitors have several opportunities to network and interact with providers, peers and colleagues.

The concept of IoLT (Internet of Lab Things) is now becoming a new acronym for the industry, a derived approach for laboratories of the IoT that everybody is getting familiar with. The concept of data received directly from instruments, sensors, devices perfectly fits with the laboratory world, where the opportunities to create a seamless integration will be certainly driving the future of the scientific data management.

The IoLT acronym has been introduced for the first time during the previous edition of the event, confirming that the Paperless Lab Academy is the place to be to learn about future trends in the market

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PLA2017 networking

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 NL42 Consulting takes on Paperless Lab Academy management

Press Release paperless lab academyPaperless Lab Academy (PLA), Europe’s leading laboratory automation event, brings partners and attendees together in an environment designed to promote mutual interaction and exchange of views during plenary sessions and topic-focused workshops.

The fifth edition of the two-day event, organized by Industrial Lab Automation and NL42 Consulting took place from 4 to 5 April 2017 in Barcelona (Spain) under the theme of 2020 Roadmap for digital convergence. The aim of this edition was finding effective ways to transform scientific information into actionable insight.

The founder of the event, Peter Boogaard, CEO of Industrial Lab Automation, explained: ‘Over the past four years, the PLA has been raising awareness of “what works and what doesn’t”. At PLA2017, we’ll be investigating a roadmap for the next decade, and how the convergence of paper and digital is bringing a new dimension to laboratory informatics. The extensive use of data analytics and applying lessons learnt from other industries, such as adopting an Industry 4.0 mind-set, will accelerate and make easer the badly needed integration of scientific equipment with enterprise software, to ensure a cost effective and high quality contribution from the laboratory to the enterprise as a whole.’

One of the aims of the new owners of the event, the founders of NL42 Consulting Isabel Muñoz-Willery and Roberto Castelnovo is preserving the unique concept of this annual conference.

Isabel said: ‘Under the new management, Peter will continue to play an important role as a member of the scientific committee.’ Roberto added: ‘We believe in the successful formula of the PLA which is based on three pillars: content-rich, non-commercial sessions; a showcase of informatics tools and methodologies available today, through interactive workshops hosted by leading suppliers; and free access to all industry delegates.’

The PLA takes place annually and is aimed at directors and managers of research and development, IT and quality departments in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biotechnological, petro-chemical and chemical markets.

The event is focused on building the ideal learning platform for all organizations involved in running laboratories, and in consolidating, integrating or simplifying the data they generate.

The 2017 edition was a success both for attendees and sponsors.

The 3 keynotes included the following topics:

“Transforming Lab Data into Real-Time Actionable Intelligence” by Northwest Analytics’ Chief Technical Officer Louis Halvorsen

“Exploring the Digital Potential for the Laboratory of the Future” by Gartner’s Research Vice President Analyst Michael Shanler 

“IoLT and information governance: Understanding and attacking the business, technical and legal issues” by Sofia van der Meulen from Axon Lawyers.

20 workshops were held during the event showcasing different industry lab informatics solutions. Some of the topics discussed during the sessions were: data integrity, data integration & instrument connections, flawless data interfaces, efficiency drivers of quality control laboratories, ELN (Electronic Lab Notebooks), LIMS, and data strategy, data governance, version control, open source software for research data on academia.  Last but not least, the key major concept , already introduced  at the PLA2016 edition, the Internet Lab of Things ( IoLT) has been strongly developed by Gartner, Astrix and Cubuslab together with the Industrial Internet of Things ( IIoT) confirming there are both two converging ecosystems.

More detailed information on the program deployed and post-event articles available at

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From our Premium Media Partner, Scientific Commuting World:  first in series “Predicting the future of the laboratory”

Madrid, Spain, e Moordrecht, The Netherlands, 07/02/2017

Paperless Lab Academy 2017: Mark your Calendar


We are proud to announce that the 5th edition of the Paperless Lab Academy is ready to go.

Mark your calendar and book your free seat at the earliest!

Date: April 4th & 5th 2017

Location: Grand Hotel Rey Don Jaime, Castelldefels, Barcelona

Code promotionnel: PLA2017

Central Theme : 2020 Roadmap for Digital Convergence, transform scientific information into actionable insight

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The Paperless Lab Academy 2016, held on 19 and 20 April in Barcelona, closed its doors again with many positive impressions, from visitors of the industry, suppliers and sponsors.

Innovation, cloud, data integrity and process improvement were the key topics in this edition. 

Among the presentations , we highlight the contribution of Michael Shandler, Research Vice President, Life Science R&D en Gartner who described the event as one of the best in its category. Michael Shandler opened the event with his vision of laboratory practices in the digital age. Key to innovation, he argued, is the combination of technologies from different industries and cooperation amongst parties.

Data integrity was discussed from a technical, legal, business and risk management perspective. the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering  (ISPE) provides, via the GAMP-community, guidance on how to cope with challenges in data integrity. Axon Lawyers’  Sofie van der Meulen informed attendees about the latest developments on data protection legislation, in particular on the protection of intellectual property. During the session she showed that legislation still has got some flaws in these areas, making dealing with data protection a challenging practice. The event concluded with regulators like the FDA which is taking action with lawmaking and clarifying their viewpoint on the subject. 

Access to Presentations 

The balance is more than 200 attendees, 17 countries represented, 16 interactive workshops sponsored, 2 sessions for celebration and networking,  and highlights in the questionnaires: the atmosphere of exchange of ideas and experiences.

The organization wants to thank all participants, collaborators, visitors and sponsors who have made it possible.

The success is yours ! 



Paperless Lab Transformation Process: new session

Taller Paperless

The pre-congress workshop at the Paperless Lab Academy 2016 has allowed to introduce the concept of designing a paperless laboratory and has received great acceptance and positive feedbacks on the relevance of such initiative. We´re glad to communicate that we´ve decided to run a new session by beginning of October in Madrid.

Should you be interested please contact  directly

On Monday April 18th, at the Don Jaime Hotel in Castelldefels (Barcelona), we launched the Paperless Lab Week with a dedicated workshop to managers of R&D & QC labs, production and IT of the pharma industry and anybody interested in data integration and data integrity.

We had the pleasure to receive representatives from research, forensic markets and to also see strong interest from the automotive one.

The workshop is articulated to provide an introduction to the process of initiation a paperless transformation project in the lab or even better art corporate level.

  1. Definition of the transformation project
  2. Review of the processes, to identify the multiple areas where paperless or less paper procedures could easily be implemented
  3. Map of the data workflow and its own life cycle management along the entire product life cycle (key focus on data integrity compliance)
  4. Map of the systems, instruments involved in the process
  5. Defining a technological strategy
  6. Assessing the potential possible technological scenarios

Should you be looking for more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Should you be interested in running a paperless project at your facility, just call us! We can help setting the right basis for a successful implementation.; tel:+34 629 026 621 ; skype: NL42_isabel

Great Success at Paperless Lab Academy 2016

Once again the european event Paperless Lab Academy has joined the key  market leaders of the industry. Feedbacks on plenary sessions, workshops, networking opportunities are extremely positive and all agreed:

High Quality delivered ! Worth the time, pertinent topics! The Place to be!

Gartner has recognised this conference as one of the “best one’s in Europe and affordable from supplier as delegate perspective” .








Faes Farma, a Spanish pharmaceutical company founded in 1933, with a strong presence in Spain and Portugal and a growing international presence, currently totalling 45 countries and exporting raw materials and finished pharmaceutical products to more than 60 countries.

As a result of its commitment to pharmaceutical research, Faes Farma can highlight the recent launch of an antihistamine molecule –Bilastine-, commercialised in Spain since 2011, currently marketed in more than 75 countries and undergoing registration procedures for commercialisation in markets as important as Japan and Canada.

As a result of all this activity, 2014 was an excellent year in economic terms, with a total turnover exceeding 198 million euros and net profit amounting to 25.3 million euros, a historic record for Faes Farma.


At the beginning of September 2014, a new strategic initiative called FAES2020 has been launched defining the main R&D+i strategic objectives for the next 5 years, among which are the development of 20 new drugs before the end of 2020.

Focusing on the FAES2020 objectives, NL42 is running a complete business process re-engineering by  reviewing the R&D Department processes, procedures and informatics tools.

Business Process Reengineering involves the radical redesign of core business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in productivity, cycle times and quality. In Business Process Reengineering, companies start with a blank sheet of paper and rethink existing processes to deliver more value to the customer. They typically adopt a new value system that places increased emphasis on customer needs. Companies reduce organisational layers and eliminate unproductive activities in two key areas. First, they redesign functional organizations into cross-functional teams. Second, they use technology to improve data dissemination and decision making.

Additionally, NL42 is supporting the whole process of laboratory informatics tools selection that should support actual and future needs of the Faes R&D department

Pre-Congress: Introduction to the PAPERLESS TRANSFORMATION PROCESS

Paperless Lab Academy Pre-Congress Workshop 

PLA2016 banner-shadow

As part of the organisation committee of the PLA, and on the basis multiple requests from last year’s edition.  NL42 will run a complementary pre-congress workshop. This event is free of charge and will be offered in Spanish language. The main objective of this workshop is to introduce the key concepts covered during the congress. We´ll go through the whole transformation process to paperless and discuss relevant items like data integration, data integrity and information technology strategies

When: Monday April 18th from 14:30 to 18:00

Where: Hotel Don Jaime, Castelldefels

Organiser: Isabel Muñoz-Willery, NL42 

Contact for Registration : 


Isabel Muñoz-Willery, Co Owner NL42. Paperless lab academy organisation committee
Roberto Castelnovo, Co Owner NL42. Paperless lab academy organisation committee
Alicia Tebar, Managing partner QbD Pharmaceutical Services S.L. Comité Dirección ISPE España.
Raffaella Vaiani, Partner & Laboratory Business Unit Responsable, LifeBee.

Agenda Items

  • Value of paperless transformation
  • Stages through the change
  • Facilitating Data Integration
  • Ensuring Data Integrity
  • Technology Strategy

see more in the spanish version

PAPERLESS LAB ACADEMY 2016 – April 19th & 20th, Barcelona.

PLA2016 banner-shadow

Finding the Speed to Innovation

The European congress “Paperless Lab Academy” is an adventure started five years ago that was running by the northern European countries (Zurich, Copenhagen and Amsterdam) and  landed in Barcelona past April.

The Paperless Lab Academy is aimed at managers of R&D, Quality and IT departments in organisations from the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biotechnological, goods consumers and chemical industries.

Its unique features have quickly made it a landmark event in the market of laboratory informatics where the main solutions providers turn up every year and into which internationally influential people, organisations and associations want to contribute.

From the first moment of the creation of this event, the two main objectives have always been to facilitate a platform where to share end-users experiences, get answers on key topics, and a showcase of the various informatics tools available today.

This year 2015, the focus has been on the change management. Changes while introducing new technologies to structure the organisational processes and ease the workflows while complying with the increasing demand for efficiency improvement, higher quality and compliance to regulations.  Changes that require unconditional support from the upper and a very effective management of the implementations in order to be successful and ensure commitment up to final users.

On an other hand, the tendency to outsource an increasing number of activities to CROs and CMO, the fact that in most of the organizations their actual “ LIMS” is reaching the end of its life cycle and that cloud technologies are more and more present, they are driving changes in the landscape of laboratory informatics.

“The Paperless Lab Academy continues to be possibly the most interesting and thought-provoking event dealing with laboratory informatics. By providing a synoptic overview of the informatics landscape and identifying trends and developments for the future, this year’s meeting of the PLA if anything surpassed the event in Amsterdam last year” Tom Wilkie (Europa science Chief editor, Scientific Computing World Review)

This year Scientific Computing World also summarizes in a series of reports what´s been discussed during the two day’s plenary session, the interactive workshops hold by the sponsors and the multiple networking opportunities. The first one  Out with the old and out with the external . The second article Lost knowledge and dead data  explores the issues surrounding outsourcing in more detail, while the third discusses Disruptive technologies in informatics.

The 2016 edition will focus on the capabilities of the organization to innovate. The topics will be about managing the need to simplify, to scale processes and assure sustainable laboratory operations ensuring data integrity across the life cycle. We are happy to confirm already several key contributors.

Gerhard Noelken, Business IT Lead Science & Technology en Pfizer

Michael Shanler, Research Director Gartner Industry Research

Bob McDowall PhD, Director, R D McDowall Limited

Giuseppe Randazzo , Acting Director- Office of Program and Regulatory Operations

Pat Pijanowski, partner at LabAnswer

Gonzalo Hernández, R&D Director at FAES Farma,

To summarize, getting Paperless is not only about informatics and digitalization. The objective is neither to transform paper onto paper glass. The Paperless concept is about consolidating processes that ensure the integrity of the data’s with secured integration systems.

We´d like to invite you to be part of this new experience.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us directly or visit